Development Process

The Franchise Agreement grants the franchisee the right to use the GrandStay® Hotels system for a specific site for a term of 20 years. The Agreement provides for an exclusive territory in the primary trading area surrounding the site for the life of the contract. Each "Area of Protection" is determined by mutual agreement of the franchisee and GrandStay® Hospitality, LLC. on a case-by-case basis.

This website does not constitute the offer of a franchise. A franchise offering can only be made by a Franchise Disclosure Document that has been registered with the applicable state agency (if required), and delivered to the prospective franchisee in compliance with pre-sale franchise disclosure laws.

  1. Franchise Disclosure Document

    A careful review of the GrandStay® Hospitality Hotel Franchise Disclosure Document is a potential franchisee's first step in the application process. The FDD contains important information about the brand's fees, requirements and standards. It also contains a copy of the GrandStay® Hospitality Franchise Agreement. Applicable laws require the FDD be presented to an applicant fourteen(14) business days prior to signing a Franchise Agreement. As proof of disclosure, please complete the Acknowledgement of Receipt (last page of FDD) and return to GrandStay® Hospitality, LLC
  2. GrandStay® Hospitality Brand Hotel Application

    If a prospective franchisee decided that a GrandStay® Hospitality Brand Hotel franchise is right for them, the next step is to complete a GrandStay® Hospitality Brand Hotel application. The applicant needs to provide information about the site and the entity entering into the Agreement. We do not require payment in advance or non-refundable deposits during the application process. The information included with the Application is carefully reviewed by the GrandStay® Hospitality Franchise Review Committee to determine if the project represents the best opportunity in the market. The Committee reserves the right to accept or to deny any Application.
  3. Initial Fee

    Following approval from the Franchise Review Committee, the applicant will be sent a completed Franchise Agreement to be completed, signed and returned with the initial fee of $35,000.00. An entity entering into the Franchise Agreement means a personal guarantee from the entity's owners will also be required.
  4. GrandStay® Hospitality Brand Hotel Construction Development Program

    Once the Franchise Agreement and supporting paperwork is completed, the franchisee will begin the Hotel Construction Development Program. During the development and pre-opening stages, the franchisee will have support of a:
    1. Property Opening Manager
      Offers dedicated support for the Developer or the General Manager on all aspects of pre-opening.
    2. Sales & Marketing Specialist
      Assists each hotel in identifying top potential business accounts and generating a marketing plan.
    3. Training Manager
      Provides on-property training for the property's staff pre-opening and post-opening.

Once the pre-opening phase is complete and the property passes an opening inspection, the property will be authorized to open as a GrandStay® Hospitality Brand Hotel. At that point, the Vice President of Brand Operations coordinates assistance to the franchisee and the property staff on an ongoing basis.

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