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Travel Trends in 2022


Travel Trends in 2022

This year, there are two words to describe travel trends: emerging and excitement. As the pandemic begins to stabilize and borders open up, many folks are ready to get out of the house and out of the ordinary. 

Whether you’d prefer to stay close to home or make your way to the other side of the world, these 2022 travel trends offer a little something for everybody.  




People are Embracing the Staycation

As more people venture back into the world, they might not be ready to travel far. A staycation is just what it sounds like: a chance to relax and enjoy a few days off right where you live. This unique type of vacation offers the opportunity to see your home from an outsider’s perspective and take advantage of local tourist spots! 

Book a few nights at a hotel close to your favorite entertainment spots. Then try a few of these staycation ideas: 

  • Plan a night at the theatre

  • Venture out to a local museum or art gallery 

  • Enjoy time relaxing poolside

  • Eat through your local top-rated restaurants

  • Spend the day golfing or participating in another outdoor activity

  • Venture to a nearby nature center to soak in your surroundings undistracted

  • Pick the most obviously touristy thing to do and do it! 

The keys to a successful staycation are avoiding your routine (that means turning on your out-of-office email) and participating in activities that sound fun to you and your family. 

People are Looking to Travel Even Further 

Not everyone is staying closer to home, however. More than a third of Americans say that traveling to a new destination is a priority this year. Both nationally and internationally, folks want to take in new sights, sounds, and smells. Guided experiences and tours are also regaining popularity as travelers look to pack in new and exciting experiences. 

And finally, people are booking more “bucket list” trips. There’s a renewed urge to seize the day and visit dream destinations while it’s possible. There is also an uptick in luxury vacations and people pampering themselves and their loved ones. 

We hope this 2022 travel trend will spark new adventures for those seeking them.

People are Prioritizing Wellness Travel 

There’s more and more research coming out about the benefits of vacations, from reducing stress to decreasing depressive symptoms. Travel provides a special time to focus inward and commit to your priorities.  

Wellness travel is on the rise as people look to commune with nature and unplug from the demanding aspects of daily life. There’s an emphasis on being truly present during these vacations to reflect on self-improvement. 

With device fatigue and work burnout on the rise, it’s no surprise that more people are booking true “getaways.” This unique type of vacation offers travelers the opportunity to prioritize their well-being. Furthermore, people are interested in connecting with the local community to see how others live. 

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